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Response to Recent Industry News

Illegal underage use of vapor products must be stopped. Marina fully supports appropriate regulation to prevent any tobacco product, including vapor, from being marketed or sold to minors. These are, and have always been, adult-only products that are alternatives to traditional tobacco products, such as cigarettes.  We support raising the age of purchase to 21, and removing the market of products and particular flavors that are unnecessarily attractive to minors. At Marina, we have focused on creating a mature brand for adult tobacco users to enjoy. 

In addition to implementing the Marketing Standards set forth by VTA, Marina has made significant investments to ensure our products are not marketed towards individuals under the legal age to purchase nicotine products. Marina products are only intended for adult smokers and tobacco users. Marina is a leader in the nicotine e-liquid industry, and we felt the need to go above and beyond to set an example for other companies, on how to market these types of products. Examples of the efforts we’ve taken are:  

  • No participation in any social media platforms.

  • No use of advertising in any form.

  • No descriptive words, terms, marks, icons, or images that relate to or associate with flavors on the packaging of Marina products. 

  • Restriction of our sales channel to adult only locations, and websites that have age verification enabled in order to purchase our products. 

On September 18, 2019, New York became the second state following Michigan to ban flavored nicotine liquids. Marina is taking these state actions very seriously. We will continue to comply with evolving local, state and federal regulations. While we do not agree with these provisional bans and feel they may have adverse public health consequences, we strongly support reasonable regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We at Marina understand that because of the combination of current media coverage, and proposed flavored e-liquid bans, concerns are at an all time high. The recent media coverage that links illness and death to “vaping” has caused uncertainty, and misinformed fear throughout the nation. Investigators at FDA and CDC have been working tirelessly to determine the cause of these illnesses, and while no one substance or product has been confirmed in all cases, it appears that tainted THC oil cartridges are to blame, not nicotine products. Many of these THC cartridges have tested positive for Vitamin E acetate, which illicit manufacturers appear to be using to dilute THC/cannabis concentrate. Unfortunately media coverage has failed to differentiate between unregulated THC products and legal flavored nicotine e-liquid intended for adult smokers and tobacco users. 

This has caused significant confusion, and due to the existing concerns regarding youth uptake of certain nicotine e-cigarettes, the media has ill-advised the public to focus their attention onto the ban of flavored e-liquid products as a whole. We do not believe a flavor ban is the answer to curb youth use of nicotine e-cigarettes, however we will comply with all federal, state, and local laws. We strongly support the decisions made by the FDA, and hope that both federal and state regulators can find a more effective way to curb youth use of nicotine products. 

To clarify, Marina does not participate in the THC market, and does not manufacture products containing THC or Vitamin E acetate. Marina has had all of its products tested by third party laboratories which confirm that Vitamin E acetate is not present in any of our products. As part of the current FDA regulations, all ingredients used in Marina products have been shared and registered with the FDA. Furthermore, all of our products are manufactured in FDA registered and FDA inspected facilities. Our commitment to quality is our highest priority and we have gone to extensive lengths to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

To keep you updated, Marina has been actively preparing for the May 2020 PMTA (Pre-Market Tobacco Application) submission. Marina will continue to dedicate all available resources to ensure our submission prior to the May 2020 deadline. We will keep our partners and clients updated with full transparency during this process. 

In our fight to support the industry as a whole, Marina is committed to advocacy. We have pledged our support to state and national groups and continue to support these organizations. We are constantly looking to expand our advocacy outreach, including strategic litigation to defend our rights, and encourage the rest of our industry to do the same. 

On behalf of the entire Marina team, we hope this answers your questions and concerns and can provide you with some peace of mind at this time. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued support of Marina and our industry as a whole.